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Are you a landlord with aspirations of furnishing a property ready for your upcoming tenants? If so, you're well aware that the last thing you want is to spend valuable hours assembling flat-pack furniture in the late hours just before your new tenants arrive. Your time, after all, is far better invested in seeking out your next property investment or engaging with prospective tenants.

We understand the incredible effort it takes to craft the perfect home for your new tenants. From adding fresh coats of paint to the walls to fine-tuning the lighting, not to mention the myriad of paperwork and red tape to navigate, there's an abundance of work to be accomplished and we're here to help. Our professional assembly service is designed to save you time, stress, and the hassle of furniture assembly. We're committed to getting your properties prepared for new tenants, leaving you with the freedom to focus on the important aspects of property management and investment.


Adding Value to Your Property

We maintain close partnerships with numerous landlords in Bristol and Bath, assisting them in the seamless preparation of their properties for incoming tenants. Our service covers everything from a single room to a family home, even large Houses in Multiple Occupation (H.M.O), and we ensure the efficient assembly of your new flat pack furniture without any mess or inconvenience.

We are fully insured and our staff undergo rigorous DBS checks. Our commitment to treating every job with the care and precision we would apply to our own homes ensures that your property is in the best hands.

Feel free to reach out to us for more information and a no-obligation quote, and let Flat Pack King be your trusted partner in making your properties ready for occupancy.


Privacy Solutions for Your Tenants

Alongside our trusted furniture assembly service, we proudly offer a professional privacy film installation service designed specifically for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). Many of our valued HMO clients have turned to our privacy film service to enhance the privacy and comfort of their tenants. We specialise in supplying and fitting opaque window film to the lower half of the windows as per your specifications. This innovative approach ensures that occupants enjoy the desired level of privacy without compromising the natural light streaming through the windows, all while adding a touch of style to the space.

Our unique approach involves applying the privacy film solely to the lower section of the windows, allowing occupants an unobstructed view from the top half. This method is particularly useful for rooms facing busy streets or areas with heavy foot traffic, as it offers a balanced solution to maintain privacy while still enjoying the outside world.

Privacy film can be especially valuable for ground-floor bedrooms and communal areas where privacy is essential. This solution lets in the light without the need for drawn curtains or obstructed views.


Our Privacy Film

  • Privacy without Closing Curtains
  • Does Not Block Natural Light
  • Works Day and Night
  • Looks Stylish
  • Easy to Keep Clean

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